Webinar Recording - The State of Financial Inclusion in Zimbabwe

Did you miss the Webinar on The State of Financial Inclusion in Zimbabwe? No worries a copy of the meeting was recorded for you. Feel free to listen, download, share and comment.

Speaker Excerpts

Excepts from the full webinar.

Rachael Mushosho - RBZ

Rachael Mushosho - Deputy Director Bank Supervision at the RBZ talks about the 2021 - 2025 Financial Inclusion strategy as well as other measures to increase access to finance.

Lloyd Gumbo - IPEC

Lloyd Gumbo - Public relations manager at the Insurance and Pension Commission dwells on the baseline Financial Inclusion Statistics as well as the progress of the Insurance sector in enhancing inclusivity.

Farai Mpofu - SECZIM

Farai Mpofu - Head of Investor Education at the Securities and Exchange Commission explains access mechanisms for ordinary citizens in order to enhance Financial Inclusion and general ingress into the usually exclusive and opaque Capital Markets.

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