Digital Financial Practitioners Association of Zimbabwe

providing knowledge-based resources to the Digital Financial Systems ecosystem

Who Are We

Digital Financial Practitioners Association of Zimbabwe (DFPAZ) is an Association of Professionals in Digital Finance. Formed in 2019, from the Digital Frontiers Institute alumni and Zimbabwe Community of Practice, our aim is to synergize the various skills acquired in practice, research and study and contribute to the progressive evolution and development of Digital Financial Services. Read more


Together with the Digital Frontiers Institute we have setup a Community of Practice chapter bringing together students and practitioners in Digital Finance.

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Our Teams

The DFPAZ is driven by three anchor teams which consists of the Board, Programs Committee and Implementation Partners.

Each of these teams forms a critical and integral part of our planning, strategy and implementation.

Board of Directors


Board and PIC members play a vital role in shaping the direction and governance of our work. Our Board and PIC members have extensive expertise in the financial sector, business and law. 

Programmes Committee


This is vital cog in establishing the activities of the organisation. The Programmes Committee is invested in establishing and governing the day to day activities and set programmes in line with the overall direction set by the Board.

Implementation Team


The Implementation Teams is a multifaceted and dynamic assembly of individuals who excel in their various disciplines and together rallies and aggregates skills that achieve results.

Our Partners

Would you like to start a project with us?

We are engaged in current and future projects with our partners and would be happy to synergize with like minded individuals for the growth of Digital Financial Services.